Wednesday, September 3, 2014


*Send information about your artist project related to the #FergusonMoment to with the subject heading "PROJECTS", and moderators will post it here pending approval. Please include a description of your project, the folks involved, future plans, any relevant links, etc. Also feel free to include people/skills you are seeking. Please make it clear if you would like us to post your contact information.*

•From Danny Bryck, 9/18:
The United Story Project ( is asking folks to create a series of events around the country in response to Ferguson. Here's a brief summary:
Step 1: People in different communities interview people where they are about their experience with race in the US, police brutality, etc. Step 2: take those stories and "visualize" them in any medium, meaning transform them artistically, into a docu-theatrical performance, a poem, a piece of music, an edited video, a visualization of quantifiable data, etc. Step 3: aggregate all the "visualizations" of the stories, and share everything in every community where stories were gathered, either at a house party, or an art gallery, or any venue where people can gather and experience the stories both from their own communities and all the others that participated, then engage in a discussion about what action they as a community can take, and envision some kind of response project together.
Contact Cambrie Nelson at for more information, or Danny Bryck at if you want to collaborate in Boston or New York. 

•From Danny Bryck, 9/18:
A call from Off/Page Project for original poetry by young people that reflects how events in Ferguson resonate with them. Here's how you can participate:
   Write an original poem inspired by the following prompts: How do the events in Ferguson, Missouri, compare to what you experience in your own community? What does it mean to feel safe in your community? Upload either the text of your poem or a YouTube video link of your performance your poem through a form on the website. Encourage friends to do the same through social media. Be sure to tag @OffPageProject.
   For more info or to submit:


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