Thursday, October 16, 2014

Script Analysis: No Screaming Matches, No Riot Police by Julie Rada

"Minutes before going in to teach my first Script Analysis class, with butterflies in my stomach, new to this university, new to this community, I was troubled by the predictable hustle-and-bustle of a new school year—business as usual. I was struck by how easily we move on with our own lives without acknowledging loss and turmoil elsewhere. In this case, though my feet were in Salt Lake City, my mind was in Ferguson, Missouri.
When we teach, how do we discuss something truly important? Specifically, how could I talk about the murder of an unarmed black man the same age as my students?  I asked myself: What is taught in the not teaching? What is not covered in a course? When we omit difficult conversations or troubling current events, what does that teach students about what is important, worthy of attention, urgent? I had to find a way to address Ferguson within the context of my class..."
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