Wednesday, December 3, 2014


"Inspired by Nina Simone. Would love for any artist to record these lyrics."

Going home now

Florida had me so upset
And New York made me lose my mess
Now, everybody knows about Missouri
Got D***

If California wasn’t a litmus test
Ohio should have made them confess
Cause everybody knows about Missouri
Got D****

Wake Up
Can’t you see it? You’ve got to feel it?
It’s burning in the air
It’s the pressure fighting to maintain
While mama down on her knees in prayer

Texas gotten me so upset
Illinois made me lose my breath
And everybody knows about Missouri
Got D*****

This is: Life the Musical
But the book ain’t been written yet
Law no longer on my side
It’s against my head
Speak out, two shots in the dark
Like Huey you’re dead
Brown and Black bodies riddled with bullets
Hanging from a Sycamore Tree
The voice of Cinque echos“give us free”

Lord, have mercy on this land of mind
None of this makes sense. There’s no reason or rhyme
I don’t belong here. I don’t belong there!
I look suspicious,
I’m too empty full of prayers of despair

Don’t tell me, I’ll tell you
Me and my people just about due.
Media says they’re looting, and shooting,
Rioting too. Barbarism is all they use to.
Although Fire consumes it purifies too
Illuminates the 400 years of lies
Do we have your attention now?
Look how you muffle out cries.
I live it. I breathe it. I know!
Yet you keep telling me to wait
I don’t know what I know
But I know that the prison system is your New Jim Crow
Not now, wait go slow, that’s all you say I do know
That’s the trouble, do it slow
Picking the cotton, do it slow
Justice Now, do it slow
Affirmative Action, just go slow
Restoration, do it slow
But There’s a Black President now, Do it slow
You’re too darn lazy, go slow
All you know is welfare and babies, go slow
That thinking, is crazy, do it slow

Where am I going? What am I doing?
I don’t know, I don’t know
Lord Knows I can’t rest!
How long will it be before a bullets’ in my chest.
Smile, forgive, and do your best
Stand up and be counted with all the rest
But everybody knows what’s happening in Missouri
Got D***

It’s never over
Don’t worry about if I’m protesting in peace
Just recognize my humanity
All I want is justice and equality
For my sister, my brother, my people and me
Bombs, chalk lines, and hands up
When will enough be enough?
They trying to say it’s an anti-American plot
But its Americans getting killed and shot

Yes, you lied to me, after all these years
Said if I got a higher education, a high credit score,
It would wash away your bitter black demon fears
To smile, talk sweet, be meek and polite,
I could live in any neighborhood I like
And get ahead, and be a lady,
I could have what’s right.
You keep saying go slow.
But that’s just the trouble, do it slow
Equality now, go slow
Fair housing, do it slow
End racial profiling, do it slow
Mass participation, do it slow
Unification, do it slow
Do things gradually, do it slow
But increase the tragedy and pain as we go?
Why don’t you see it? Why don’t you feel it?
I don’t know, I don’t know?

You don’t have to usher me into the promise land
Just recognize my right to be treated like a human
Cause now the world knows about Sanford
Now the world knows about Los Vegas
Now the world knows about Lima
Now the world knows about Chicago
Now the World know about Fruitvale
Now the World Knows about Brooklyn
Now the World knows about New Orleans
Now the world knows about FERGUSON
GOT D****
That’s it

Edited by Claudia Alick

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