Friday, December 12, 2014

"Our Lives Matter" by Say Word Designs

From Khalilah L. Brown-Dean

"I'm honored to announce the launch of "Our Lives Matter" by Say Word Designs. The design honors the lives of Black girls and women killed by law enforcement. PLEASE BUY and help spread the word. It's easy to choose your size, shirt color, fit (tailored for men and women), and sleeve length (short or long). It's the perfect gift for the men AND women in your life who care about justice. Inbox me if you're local and want to guarantee delivery in time for the holidays. The campaign ends on Tuesday, December 16th so PLEASE order NOW!"


How would you articulate the word Celtic? Is it declared "keltic" or "seltic?" If you and your companions have been in a contention over how the word is purported you can stop. You are both right. In any case, would one say one is more right than the other?

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