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A Real Life Superhero

Bree Newsome became an Internet and media sensation when she did what many were longing to do but didn’t dare. She scaled a flagpole outside South Carolina's statehouse and brought the flag down, while police officers waited to arrest her below.

Every 28 Hours One-Minute Play Festival

Coming soon across the nation! Oct 20-24!

What is The Ferguson Moment?

We call on artists across the nation to share their responses to the oppression, violence, and resistance to racially motivated police brutality


Marcia Chatelain, an assistant professor in the Department of History, created the #FergusonSyllabus in response to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Lives Matter: A Roundup of Worthy Reads

A list of links from the Poetry Foundation

"In the wake of the Michael Brown grand jury non-indictment, this poetry-news day is a slow one. Or is it? Some links we feel might be worth a moment of your time"

1. Audre Lorde’s “Power.”

5. Video made in collaboration with John Lucas of Claudia Rankine’s “Situation #6″ from Citizen:


Monday, November 24, 2014

Soooo...no skittles- a poem by many

this is a crowd-sourced poem form the Ferguson Moment facebook group

Soooo...no skittles, no hoodies, no loud rap, no whistling, nocking on doors for help, no asking cops for help post an auto accident, no saying no to advances,no standing your own ground, no selling loosies, no... AND NOW I can't even eat a sandwich??? If you're Black apparently these all warrant DEATH.

no running, no shopping, no ticket, no mental health diagnosis

no justice! no peace!

"no angel"

No admitting the problem today, no fixing it by tomorrow!

No justice no peace!

no innocent until proven guilty

no justice no peace!

no common ground? NO! COMMON GROUND!

no justice no peace!

no smashing pumpkins. no throwing pumpkins. no holding pumpkins. no pumpkins!

no murals!

No stopping, keep walking

no selling loosies

no sitting on benches

no breathing

no entering your home

no fighting back

carry a pumpkin, carry a gun, one gets you jailtime, and its not the gun

no justice no peace!

no justice no peace!


no playing on the stairs

no being a child

no justice no peace

(last updated Nov 24)