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A Real Life Superhero

Bree Newsome became an Internet and media sensation when she did what many were longing to do but didn’t dare. She scaled a flagpole outside South Carolina's statehouse and brought the flag down, while police officers waited to arrest her below.

Every 28 Hours One-Minute Play Festival

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What is The Ferguson Moment?

We call on artists across the nation to share their responses to the oppression, violence, and resistance to racially motivated police brutality


Marcia Chatelain, an assistant professor in the Department of History, created the #FergusonSyllabus in response to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Samuel L. Jackson Challenge

Samuel L. Jackson issued a challenge for celebrities to call out the 'Violence of the Racist Police' in early December.  Below is a small sampling of the hundreds of videos people posted in response to this challenge. You should join them. So far we have not been able to find any celebrity videos online.

Addendum: Some celebrities listed here http://www.jetmag.com/entertainment/watch-samuel-l-jackson-creates-singing-challenge/

Published on Dec 28, 2014
#icantbreathechallenge video by Yonni and Nitah!

Published on Dec 24, 2014
The Samuel L Jackson/ "I Can't Breathe" challenge. Namir Williams #SamuelLJackson #policebrutality #challenge #ICantBreathe #EricGarner #BlackLivesMatter #TamirRice #MikeBrown #HandsUpDontShoot #ErykahBadu #JanelleMonae

Published on Dec 20, 2014
I can't breathe challenge #BlackLivesMatter by jael sienna faith
Join me on the challenge and upload you're video response.

Published on Dec 18, 2014
Samuel L Jackson put out a video challenging celebrities to participate in the singing of the,"I Can't Breathe Song". I am not a celebrity but I choose to participate. And I now challenge everyone too--Maseena Manley

Published on Dec 17, 2014
Samuel L Jackson Challenged Celebrities to make a video singing the "I Can't Breathe" song in light of recent unjust police murders. We are not celebrities, but social justice advocates and accepted the challenge.--Thelma Williams

Published on Dec 17, 2014
I can't breathe challenge video by Stephane Rocher
- We Ain't Gonna Stop Till People Are Free: The Samuel L. Jackson Challenge ... #icantbreathechallenge video by Stephane Rocher.

Published on Dec 16, 2014
Samuel L. Jackson's "I can't Breathe song/challenge
In Honor of:
Eric Garner
Trayvon Martin
Michael Brown
And many others who have been affected by cruel and unnecessary police violence

I can hear my neighbor crying "I can't breathe"
Now I'm in the struggle, and I can't leave
Calling out the violence of the racist police
We ain't gonna stop, until people are free!

Published on Dec 16, 2014 
Samuel L. Jackson Put out a challenge to all musicians to sing his protest song, and I gave it a go. I hope you enjoy it.--meridianfrost

Published on Dec 16, 2014
Samuel L. Jackson challenged all of us to sing the "I Can't Breathe" or "I Can Hear My Brother Crying I Can't Breathe" Protest Song. My husband and I accepted this challenge as a way of peaceful protest to speak out against police brutality and injustice. We challenge all of you to do the same.--Samuel L.Jackson Challenge -- I Can't Breathe Protest Song -- by Divinewords ft. Anthony Dalton

Published on Dec 15, 2014
"I can hear my neighbor crying, 'I can't breathe.' Now I'm in the struggle and 'I can't leave.' Calling out the violence of the racist police. We ain't gonna stop until people are free. 'i cant breathe' x4

The challenge was created by Samuel L Jackson. Let's help him create awareness by making videos, singing and sharing the " i cant breathe" song and posting it on all social media

Published on Dec 15, 2014
Samuel L Jackson challenge - I can't breathe--BridgeDenStudios

Published on Dec 14, 2014
I felt compelled to join Samuel Jackson in his challenge to sing on one accord against police brutality. I'm not a celebrity or a singer, but one woman with one voice joining many.--I Can't Breathe Challenge Video Monica Cost

Published on Dec 14, 2014
Just record yourself singing the lyrics above and tag @SamuelLJackson and @darlenemccoy, and then challenge someone else.--James Tripp

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Claudia Alick

Claudia Alick, National E28H producer, is an Associate Producer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, producing events that bring OSF into artistic collaboration with our community such as "The Green Show", The Daedalus Project, and Juneteenth, OSF Open Mics as well as producing audio-plays with OSF such as the Grammy nominated "Hamlet". Her latest one person Show “Fill in the Blank” exploring disability and the medical industry was last performed in OSF’s Presents series and she recently spoke at TedxFargo. Named by American Theater Magazine as one of 25 theater artists who will shape American Theater in the next 25 years, Alick has served as the Artistic Director of Smokin' Word Productions, is a playwright, NYC Fresh Fruit directing award recipient, and featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Words from Stlfilmmaker

Shared via The Ferguson Moment Facebook group by Phillip Johnson
"20 thousand have heard this young man's cry for justice have you?"
‪#‎Lastwords‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ https://vimeo.com/115691544

Posted on Vimeo by DJ Palistine

Last Words from Stlfilmmaker on Vimeo.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Artist to Watch: Michael Uzowuru

From Huffington Post

Artist to Watch: Michael Uzowuru by Kitty Cash

"The tragedy of black men and women being killed by police weighs heavy on my heart and mind. The repetition of tragedy that my community endures is painful, and to live with the reality that our lives are being valued less and that our stories are unable to be told is devastating. Our lives do not deserve to be cut short, especially at the hands of those who swore to protect and to serve.

In the midst of the catastrophe of Ferguson and the non-indictment decision of the police officer who killed Eric Garner, I'm reminded of my own haunting experience with police. When I was 19, I was wrongfully and brutally assaulted by a police officer. Being profiled and assumed to be something that you're not -- a threat to society -- based on the color of skin is something that nearly every black person experiences in their lifetime. I did nothing wrong and was undeserving of being assaulted, and the realization that my life could have easily ended that day is one that haunts me. If I had been killed that day, if mercy was not ultimately shown to me, my story would never have had the opportunity to be told. And I can't stand the thought of that.

So many stories aren't given the chance to be told. We will never hear Mike Brown's account of what happened, we will never hear Eric Garner, or 12-year-old Tamir Rice, or Aiyana Jones, or Rekia Boyd relive their assaults. Instead, they lost their lives and their murders were turned into ethical and political debates. Their stories, in their own voices, will never be heard. It amazes me that I feel fortunate that my life did not end, and that I can tell my story. It is incredible, in the worst way, to realize that surviving an encounter with the police is considered to be a fortunate experience. There's a major problem with that.

When I began writing this, I wasn't quite sure what the purpose of this was supposed to be. I felt compelled to write and express myself. The further along I got, the more I understood what it was that I was trying to say. My ideas evolved; they grew to be less centered around myself and more about us. I hope more of my sisters and brothers lives can be lived and I hope that our stories are no longer silenced. I know that when given the chance to fully blossom into who we are meant to be, to define, and redefine, who we are, we thrive.

Through strength, we have power. Our inspiration has long come from sources of pain, and we have always translated that energy in creative and inspiring ways. The spirit of those we have lost is never far from us. Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and a painfully long list of other black men and women who've been killed by police, did not die in vain. I refuse to let their deaths be reduced to that, and I will continually dedicate myself and my energy to dismantling the very things that kill us. My story, and your story, is able to be heard. Loudly, confidently, proudly--no one can silence us anymore."    Michael Uzowuru

Read the full story here

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hands Up Dont Shoot

Shared by Mickey Rowe on the Ferguson Moment Facebook group 
"These kids made a brilliant music video. ‪#‎ART‬ ‪#‎MUSIC‬ ‪#‎HANDSUPDONTSHOOT‬"

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High

Published on Aug 22, 2014

Pearl Star Student, Queen McElrath, shows love and talent for Michael Brown and the people of Furgeson. A great song!!!!