Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black Poets Speak Out letter writing campaign

Phase 3: Letter Writing Campaign

Below is a copy of the letter Amanda Johnston just sent to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Feel free to use it as a template for your letter. Personalize it. Sadly, you should be able to change where she mentions my “home state of Texas” and the deaths of Larry Jackson and Yvette Smith to event(s) in your state.

We will be sending a different video every day, but you can change the last line if you’d like to send just your video to “Attached is a link to the video I submitted in solidarity with‪#‎BlackPoetsSpeakOut‬.” The most important part is that we connect our art to action and call for immediate action against police violence.

Now it’s your turn. Pledge to demand action along with us.

1. Find your elected officials’ contact information. If you aren’t already registered, register to vote.

2. Modify the letter below and send your letter. (Daily, weekly, monthly or even just today. Your voice is power.

3. Spread the word. Share your intention/pledge.

Tweet or Paste “I pledge to demand the enforcement of solutions to address police violence #BlackPoetsSpeakOut" into your Facebook status.



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