Sunday, January 11, 2015

Life After #Ferguson: Continue the Conversation

Sourced from: Howlround
by Tara L. Daniels and Em Piro

"From the perspective of many St. Louisans, the most important thing that came out of the horrors of #Ferguson and related events was dialogue. In living rooms and community centers, on television and social media, people were talking about very real, very complex issues that we’ve known about, but not known how to talk about, for years.

Today, the greatest fear that recurs in conversations is that the energy will subside. In a few weeks, #Ferguson and the truths it unveiled could regress back to shut-door and shut-mind corridors.

It’s imperative that organizations and theatre artists in St. Louis and around the country—and arguably world—bravely embrace the conversation. The place for it may not be on stage (though this great syllabus provides many outlets to open dialogue with patrons), but it needs to happen within our institutions. With boards, staff, volunteers, artists, patrons, community partners, classrooms, and stakeholders—the gravest injustice moving forward would be forgetting or minimizing the conversation..."

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