Saturday, March 7, 2015

ATC's 10 x 10 Festival Playwright Interview: Aurin Squire

Sourced from: The Ferguson Moment Group
by Aurin Squire March 6 at 11:49am

"I am excited to have 2 short pieces ("Mississippi Goddamn" and "Putting Wings on a Pig") in this important and relevant theatre festival at the American Theatre Company in Chicago. If you're in the Windy City check out these amazing artists in the 10X10 Festival. This year's theme is about Ferguson. Monday night at 7:30! Any and all are welcome in the Chi-town area!"

An excerpt from the interview...

JL: Tell me about your plays. What do you hope the audience walks away thinking about after experiencing it?

AS: The first play I finished was “Mississippi Goddamn” and it’s about a couple watching the news, rediscovering the Nina Simone song that the play is named after, and how they work through the police shooting that’s similar to Ferguson. It’s a reflective piece with an older couple that I want to slip under the audience’s skin.

The second piece is “Putting Wings on a Pig” and it’s about two black cops trying to work and not get entangled in office politics, as well as the occasional run in with fellow white officers. As the title implies I want this to really get in people’s faces about the racism that’s so severe in some precincts, black cops are more scared of their white colleagues than of the criminals.

JL: What role does theater have in advocacy work?

AS: Theatre is the original herald of truth. Beyond the daily news and gossip, theatre took the events of the day and expounded upon their greater meaning and context. In this age of rapid news and shock, I think theatre is vital to ground us in the larger trajectory of human history that is bending before us.

JL: What next for you as a writer? Where can we follow your work?
AS: I’m in my last semester at Juilliard and have a few different fellowships in New York City. I have an artist in residence at Brooklyn Arts Exchange and I present my year-long project in May. I’ve been working on “The Gospel According to F#ggots” which is a radical queer reinterpretation of the Bible. It’s a multimedia piece that’s in verse. Here is my BAX page:

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