Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ferguson to Madison: the Arc Completed

Shared by Angela Kariotis on The Ferguson Moment Group

"How we talk and write about events like these matters."

Ferguson to Madison: the Arc Completed

Tony Robinson was murdered. But some people, almost all of them white, have complained about using that word, “murder.” It is the appropriate word if you believe that Tony Robinson did not deserve to die. It is appropriate if you allow that black people are human beings. It is appropriate insomuch as the killing of an unarmed person is immoral even when perpetrated by state power. To withhold applying the term murder in this case is a significant step towards justifying the killing.

Source: http://www.madmutualdrift.org/2015/03/ferguson-to-madison-the-arc-completed.html#sthash.R9Fs3II8.dpuf


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