Friday, April 3, 2015


From: Shared to Facebook Ferguson moment group 

"Responding to tragic events surrounding Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Ferguson last December and searching through our nation's past, Marcus Gardley wrote a historical parable - AN ISSUE OF BLOOD. The world premiere of his hot blooded Lorca redux starts previews at Victory Gardens Theater tonight. Come by and check out this passionate new play set against the backdrop of the first slave rebellion in colonial Virginia in 1676." Chey Yew

World Premiere
An Issue of Blood
April 3 – May 3, 2015
by Ensemble Playwright Marcus Gardley | directed by Chay Yew
It’s 1676 in Virginia – a time when class, not color, defined an American’s destiny. ​H​istoric figure and wealthy landowner Negro Mary​​ believes a vile curse has been cast upon her family and land. But her plans to break the curse are thwarted by a secret wedding, an interracial love triangle, and a crime of passion. Can Mary cheat fate and change the course of history? Or will ​their lives end in ​​division and destruction? In An Issue of Blood, Victory Gardens Ensemble playwright Marcus Gardley and Artistic Director Chay Yew (​​The Gospel of Lovingkindness) look to a pivotal moment in our collective past to understand how we arrived in our tumultuous present.



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