Friday, April 3, 2015

La Pieta Action: Remembering the sorrow of losing a loved one to state violence

The image of Mary cradling a dead Jesus is an iconic one. It speaks to a Mother's loss and the tears that are shed when a son or daughter life is cut short. All across this country parents are grieving because of state sanctioned violence. Mike Brown, Kajime Powell, Ayana Jones and Tamir Rice were all killed by the police. NONE of their killers have been brought to justice but rather have been protected by a police shield. This will not stand. Join the Artivists & Mothers Against Senseless Killing and help us reclaim Holy week by taking a stand against police violence on Holy Friday.

Contact: @ArtivistsSTL
Direct Action, Ferguson-STL, Good Friday
#ReclaimHolyWeek, #Ferguson, #STL



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