Thursday, May 21, 2015

Aggravated Menacing

Aggravated Menacing  (draft 1)
By Claudia Alick
This poem is made of language sampled from

No person shall knowingly cause another
to believe that
the offender will cause serious physical harm to the person
property of the other person
the other person's unborn
a member of the other person's immediate family

any other basis for the other person's belief that
the other person's belief may be based on words
conduct of the offender
directed at or identify 
a corporation
other organization that
employs the other person
to which the other person belongs

Whoever violates is guilty of aggravated menacing
a misdemeanor of the first degree
the victim of the offense is an officer
employee of a public children services agency
a private child placing agency
 the offense relates to the officer's
employee's performance
anticipated performance
official responsibilities

aggravated menacing is a felony of the fifth degree
if the offender previously has been convicted of
or pleaded guilty to an offense of violence
the victim of that prior offense was an officer
employee of a public children services agency
private child placing agency
that prior offense related to the officer's or employee's performance
anticipated performance of official responsibilities or duties
a felony of the fourth degree

includes an entity that

is a governmental employer


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