Monday, May 18, 2015

Freddie Gray, Baltimore unrest to be focus of Glass Mind Theatre's short play festival

Glass Mind Theatre responds to Freddie Gray case with a festival of short plays derived from tweets.

Trustina Fafa SabahMattie BayneRob VaryJosh Thomas and Brandon Rashad Butts
photo from Kate Smith-Morse
Bainstorm, the "almost annual" short play festival presented by the Baltimore DIY troupe Glass Mind Theatre, involves creating new works around a given theme. The 2015 festival in June will focus on issues raised by the death of Freddie Gray and their the effects on the community.

Returning to a device used for the first Brainstorm session in 2010, when playwrights took suggestions for plays via Twitter, the starting point for this festival will be Twitter traffic related to the unrest in Baltimore.
Playwrights will select a tweet from someone in Baltimore since the protests began in April and use it as the basis of the play.

In a statement, Glass Mind managing director Lynn Morton said that Twitter posts "provide a unique look into to what is happening in our city, a story that the national media has not been telling. It's important for Baltimore to tell its own story, and we have an opportunity to do that now."

Festival director Susan Stroupe said "theater artists of many walks of life are probably hungry to get some of their thoughts into characters and dialogue, and the Brainstorm model lets those stories get to performance quickly and in a very community-oriented way."

The festival runs June 12-14 at 1511 Guilford Ave, #B303.
Brainstorm is a pay-what-you-can festival. 
Glass Mind will donate a portion of the proceeds "to a local organization supporting the city's rebuilding efforts."
For more information, call 443-475-0223 or visit

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