Friday, May 22, 2015

What is the punishment for aggravated menacing in Ohio?

What is the punishment for aggravated menacing in Ohio?
 (draft 1)
By Claudia Alick
This poem is made of language sampled from the answe to this question on and The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Examiner autopsy  report.

part 1

punishment for first-degree misdemeanor aggravated menacing
in Ohio is up to 180 days in jail
a fine of up to $1000
Under special circumstances
the crime can be a fourth or fifth-degree felony
the punishment is more severe.

What is a first-degree misdemeanor in Ohio?
What is a fourth-degree misdemeanor in Ohio?
What is a "Felony 5" in Ohio?

If the victim of aggravated menacing is either an officer
or a children service agency employee engaged in job duties,
aggravated menacing is a fifth-degree felony
This is punishable by a sentence of 6 to 12 months in prison
 a fine of up to $2500,
 If the offender commits aggravated menacing in these special circumstances
has previously been convicted of or pleaded guilty to an violent offense
the crime is a fourth-degree felony
This is punishable by a sentence of 6 to 18 months in prison
a fine of up to $5000

part 2

be it remembered
the dead body of a boy
supposed to have come to his death
the result of criminal
or other violent means
or casualty
or suicide
or suddenly when in apparent health
or in any suspicious
or unusual manner

Tamir Rice was single
12 years of age
a resident of Cleveland Ohio
a native of Cleveland Ohio
of the black race
brown eyes
black hair
no beard
no mustache

upon full inquiry
based on all known facts
Tamir E Rice
came to his death officially
there is history
outside a recreation center
shot by a police officer
a legal intervention
collapsed to the ground
treatment and drug therapy were administered
Tamir E Rice failed to respond
pronounced dead
mortuary services dispatched
gunshot wound of torso
injuries of major vessel


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