Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Director's on Glass Mind's Brainstorm

Glass Mind's Brainstorm Vol 5: The Ties That Bind directors' photos + mini-interviews. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the No Boundaries Coalition. http://www.noboundariescoalition.com/about/mission/

Brandon Rashad Butts is the Artistic Director's Intern at Center Stage. He served as Assistant Director on our production of THE DUM DUMS and is directing for Cultural DC's Source Festival.

"As a member of police brutality's most frequently targeted demographic, I have an urgent need to get involved," says Butts. "I never would have guessed I would eventually land in the heart of a rioted city, but since I am, the impulse to join the fight has never been more visceral. My hope is that this BRAINSTORM is successful in a way that invites the Baltimore theatre community to the discussion and charges them to take action."

Director Trustina Fafa Sabah just received her MFA from Towson University Department of Theatre Arts!

Sabah believes BRAINSTORM is "useful to what is happening in Baltimore. It deals with actual and sensitive issues in diverse ways through the skill of talented actors and directors," she says. "My recent work has centered around actual events in my life so I relate to the theme on many levels.

BRAINSTORM director Vince Constantino has acted in a show with GMT since the company's first season! This his first time directing with us.

"I'm always looking for new challenges as a theatre artist," says Constantino. "This Brainstorm is important to me because I believe that theatre is has the power to help us better ourselves, our community, and our society.

Director Josh Thomas hails from Mississippi. He is the Education and Community Programs Fellow at Center Stage.

“I wanted a chance to engage racist injustices and conflicts in Baltimore/America/The World in a thoughtful and artful way, and Brainstorm offered that opportunity," says Thomas, who calls Brainstorm "necessary. It is necessary for people in the arts to address these situations and to bring them to the social conscious through storytelling, whether it be through drama, comedy, metaphor,etc; and that is the power of what we do."


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