Monday, June 15, 2015

Every 28 Hours Invitation

Every 28 Hours 1-Minute Play Festival
Phase One October 20-24, St. Louis County

Last August I went to St. Louis County where we produced the Ferguson Moment Project in collaboration with artists from around the country. Now we are producing EVERY 28 HOURS in collaboration with the One Minute Play Festival (artistic director Dominic D’Andrea), theaters from all over the country, and hundreds of artists, a national theater project in two phases. The first phase is this year October 18-22 where we will be traveling to St. Louis County to produce 3 readings of 60-90 1 minute plays on the subject of the Black Lives Matter movement happening across the USA. These readings are being produced in 3 different site specific spaces for maximum access by the community in St. Louis County. Partnering theaters and institutions across the country are sending artists and covering their expenses for a week while we write/rehearse our staged readings. We are partnering with different theaters in St. Louis and have many theaters across the country on board so far. Our local producer Jacqueline Thompson is confirming actors and playwrights in St. Louis The second phase will be the national partner theaters engaging with these plays in their own communities in October of 2016. This project is being produced “stone soup style” with all artists and collaborators volunteering what they can in art, resources, or ideas to make it happen. We’re also doing a small indigogo campaign to raise money to supplement travel cost for artists from theaters that cannot cover travel costs. Our method is anti-colonialist and inclusive and the goal is to create a body of work that reflects the conversation the United States in involved in. We’d love to collaborate with you in anyway. 

Associate Producer


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