Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Playwrights on Glass Mind's Brainstorm Vol 5: The Ties That Bind

Glass Mind's Brainstorm Vol 5: The Ties That Bind playwrights' photos + mini-interviews. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the No Boundaries Coalition. http://www.noboundariescoalition.com/about/mission/

"I participated in this years BRAINSTORM by writing Good Morning Baltimore because I love to hang out with my friends and make art," says Mike Smith, a new graduate from University of Baltimore. "This Brainstorm is important because it can help you process your feels into something adorable." 

Julie Lewis, Theatre Coordinator at The Community College of Baltimore Countyand BRAINSTORM veteran, calls this year's BRAINSTORM, “an opportunity to respond artistically to a moment in history as soon as it happened. It was also a way to document my experiences as a protester and citizen of Baltimore during the Uprising,” she says.

“BRAINSTORM is quick and dirty theatre-making without any fussiness, but filled with raw and immediate ideas that are drawn from the community.”

Brainstorm playwright Mattie Bayne is a senior at St. Paul's School for Girls, and will be heading to USC in the Fall to study Cinematic Arts. Fun Fact: She finished writing her BRAINSTORM play on the way to prom! 

“Talking about the Baltimore riots was really interesting,” Bayne says.  “This is important to me because it brings light to a topic that makes people nervous and something I don’t think people fully understand. This is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of many different perspectives. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this process.”

GMT alum Alexander Scally has been involved with every single BRAINSTORM! This is his first time writing for the event.

"Baltimore is filled with strong storytellers," says Scally, "And Brainstorm is a creative and inspired way to activate and enhance the city's voice."

Justin Lawson Isett is a longtime pal and collaborator of GMT's, and this is his first time writing for BRAINSTORM!

"This event is in the pocket of the times. We're in rhythm with it; that's the best time to hit the beat, right? That's the great thing about theatre. You can see something, be present, stand in front of an audience and say 'let me tell you a story.'


Sarah Weissman is Glass Mind Theatre's Marketing & Communications Director.

"I was signed on to do BRAINSTORM for a few months," Weissman says. "When the company changed the topic, I’ll admit the subject matter made me nervous, especially since I'm a pretty green playwright. Which is exactly why I decided I should do it. I’m thrilled and grateful that Baltimore theatre has given me and other less-experienced artists the space and opportunities to dive right in."

Award-winning playwright Rich Espey's show THE REVELATION OF BOBBY PRITCHARD premiered at Iron Crow Theatre Company this March. He is also on the Board of Single Carrot Theatre.

“As I've developed as a playwright I have become committed to making social justice the foundation of my writing,” says Espey. “The opportunity to write about now in Baltimore is so welcome and so necessary.”

Espey has written twice for BRAINSTORM before this year and said he “would never say no to GMT!


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