Friday, July 10, 2015


"My Fellow Nerds of Color,
Very soon, some of the people who condemned the protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson will sit in air conditioned theaters and cheer as the citizens of District 13 do the exact same thing those protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson intended to do. They will cheer a fictional white woman who will tear down the symbols of the oppressive Capitol and forget the disrespect they had for a real black woman who literally tore down the symbol of an oppressive Capitol.  They will be happy that Katniss Everdeen has only the tip of her arrows to give to those who killed her people while telling black people burying their dead and sweeping up embers of their demolished sanctuaries that they should forgive those who curse and kill them. Their hearts will be moved as Katniss sings of the Hanging Tree and afterwards they'll drive home not giving a good goddamn about our "Strange Fruit".  Yes, some people will very soon sit in air conditioned theaters and cheer the citizens of District 13, but I promise you that none of these people will be me."-- Karl Eburne


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