Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why #SayHerName Matters If #BlackLivesMatter

The Black Lives Matter Movement is a necessary campaign critiquing disenfranchisement, confronting racialized oppression and inspiring rethinking in modern times regarding the interpersonal and institutional injustice of white supremacy that informs everyday American life. This is why it comes with great regret that I must acknowledge what seems to be a recurring deficit in this conversation that involves the particular prejudice and indignities Blacks endure. It isn’t a lack of temerity, nor a lack of sincerity – it’s the general marginalization of women-specific tragedies from the #BlackLivesMatter canon of hyper-keen righteous indignation. It’s a pitiful yet predictable evasion for some to devalue the significance of #BlackLivesMatter by appealing to #AllLivesMatter and like misappropriating sentiments. As if that active disregard and erasure of racial disparity highlighted in this Movement’s key slogan weren’t enough, there appears to be a substantial imbalance within this social justice narrative itself. A chief insult that accentuates this tendency to render invisible the travail and voices of women can be found in the general ease with which many forget or ignore the framework for this entire movement was initiated by women.---Sincere Kirabo

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