Friday, October 23, 2015

Ferguson Events Reverberate at One-Minute Play Festival

Ferguson Events Reverberate at One-Minute Play Festival By JOHN ELIGON NY Times

The “Every 28 Hours” project taps into the integral role that the arts — through songs, paintings, exhibits — have played in helping people to absorb, and protest, what happened in Ferguson — from the killing of Mr. Brown and the unrest that followed to the issues of racial inequality that it raised.

The idea to do a Ferguson-themed production emerged after Claudia Alick, associate producer of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, went to the city after the killing of Mr. Brown in August 2014. She did volunteer work with young people. She met with artists to ask what the community needed. They told her to bear witness to what was going on in Ferguson, she said.

So Ms. Alick created a blog, The Ferguson Moment, that became a bulletin board of sorts for artists to talk about work inspired by the events in Ferguson, where there were huge demonstrations and spasms of looting and vandalism. Then, she said, she thought to go to Mr. D’Andrea, who had approached her years earlier about collaborating.

“It’s a project that’s reflecting on history that’s being made now,” Ms. Alick said.

In the past, the festival drew on writers in a particular community, and they chose their topics; in Chicago, for instance, many focused on gentrification, Mr. D’Andrea said.

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