Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quills & Queues: 28 hours in a single minute

Quills & Queues: 28 hours in a single minute By Angela Decker for the Tidings

The “Every 28 Hours” project grew from last year’s “Ferguson Moment Project,” in which Alick and a number of theater artists around the country went to Ferguson and organized an artistic response to the events happening there. “What struck me was that the images we were seeing in the news around protests in Ferguson were literal reflections of what was happening in ‘The Great Society,’ our American Revolutions play at that time,” said Alick. The “American Revolutions” series is about our past, and this collaboration is about what is happening now, about history being made in this current Civil Rights Movement.”

Alick says she was particularly moved by the response she received from other theater artists. “One of the things I’ve found most thrilling about the project was that people immediately said yes. Regardless of whether they had the resources or the time, they felt it was important enough to make it work and participate.”

The One-Minute Play Festival is a large and long-running grassroots theater company. Under artistic director Dominic D’Andrea, the short plays are created to reflect communities and allow space for audiences to engage with social topics. So far, Alick says, this particular festival is the largest. “We have 45 playwrights participating all over the country, including Pulitzer Prize Winners, a Tony award winner and many strong, emerging playwrights,” she said.

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