Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thought Leaders for The Every 28 Hours Plays

This project would have been impossible without the advice and support from countless contributors. We spoke with members of various law enforcement agencies who all requested anonymity. Below is a sampling of some of the people who helped us build this project. 

Thanks to Martine Green-Rodgers for her creation of our dramaturgy packet.

Thanks to Quinn McGowan of Legends Press for original artwork for our dramaturgy packet.

Thanks to Donya Washington for editing The Every 28 Hours Plays video invitation.

Thanks to everyone who provided video for our invitation.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our "This is happening" photo campaign 

Thanks to Cedric Lamar for providing the music for our invitation video.

Thanks to Mellisa Ulto for the consultation on marketing and communications. Also thanks to her for the swift and elegant design work for The Ferguson Moment site.

Thanks to Keith Jones of Soul Touchin Experiences for his insight on Ferguson, social justice activism, race and the disability community.

Thanks to Sue Ann Reed for her advice, inspiration, and support.

Thanks to Anthem Salgado of The Art of Hustle for his consultation on marketing and fundraising.

Thanks to our Communications Team volunteers for providing Facebook content and activity. 

Thanks to Toni Blackman for her consultation on arts and activism.

Thanks to Martine Green-Rodgers Lisa Q Mounte of Artistic Logistics for her consultation on collaborating remotely.

Thanks to Mark Valdez, Executive Director, Network of Ensemble Theatres for his consultation on collaboration, national impact, and Phase two structure.

Thanks to Greg Reiner, Producer -Laramie Project 10 Years Later, Tectonic Theater for his consultation on collaborating nationally

Thanks to Bonnie Metzgar, Artistic Director, American Theater Company, for her consultation on national Theater collaboration.

Thanks to Leroy F. Moore, Jr. , Founder, Krip-Hop Nation for his consultation on disability community, police violence, and activism.

Thanks to Shruti Purkayastha for her consultation on the activism community.

Thanks to Cynthia Howell of Families United for Justice for connecting some of our playwrights in DC to meet with family members who have lost loved ones to police.

Thanks to Ijeoma Oluo for her consultation on social media.

Thanks to Nissa Tzun of the Forced Trajectory Project for her consultation on families and communities affected by police

Thanks to Karen of Asian Pacific Islanders (API) for Black Lives St Louis, for her consultation on activism in Ferguson with the Asian community.

A very special Thanks to Arlene Eisen for the title of this project, dramaturgical support and social media content.


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